Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hepatitis C cause Liver Damage?

The hepatitis C virus does not cause direct damage to the liver. However, when you are infected, your immune system reacts to the virus by trying to eliminate the infected liver cells. Because hepatitis C is an RNA virus, rather than a DNA virus, it is able to mutate quickly, making it much harder for our immune system to eliminate it. The body’s immune response to eliminate damaged liver cells causes liver inflammation, which eventually leads to scarring, known as cirrhosis.  As the immune system continues to try to get rid of infected cells, inflammation and scarring worsen over a number of years, making it hard for blood to flow through the liver.

What Does Functional Medicine do?

Functional Medicine is an alternative approach to the treatment of chronic disease. We look at the possible environmental and genetic causes of disease and develop a program unique to each patient to boost immunity, promote cellular health and help to eliminate the causes of the disease.

Who can have Alternative Hepatitis C treatment?

Anyone can have a Functional Medicine Program designed for them to help them to rid their body of the hepatitis C virus. If you have been diagnosed with the hepatitis c virus, no matter what the progression of the damage or how long you have had the condition, functional Medicine can help to prevent further damage and support your body in destroying the virus naturally.

When is it best to have Alternative Hepatitis C Treatment?

As with all progressive illnesses, treatment is easier and more effective the earlier you have it. However, at any stage Hepatitis is treatable and it is possible to prevent further damage and possibly reverse existing damage at any time within the disease progression.

Why Should I Come to Mexico for Hepatitis C Treatment?

Medical research means that there are constantly advances in medicine and treatment of chronic disease. However, at this point, Hepatitis C is manageable using conventional medicine, not curable. Functional Medicine offers a safe, natural alternative to conventional medicine that does more than slow the damage; we eliminate the disease, prevent further damage and enable you to live free of constant medical intervention and worry.

It is never too late to have hepatitis C treatment, so contact us today for your free consultation.