Our Treatment Plan

A Functional Approach to Medicine

Fundamentally, Functional Medicine works by integrating the best of what is available in traditional western treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection with a holistic view of the condition. We assess the physical, emotional and medical needs of each patient and integrate them with cutting edge treatments like Systemic Perfusion Hyperthermia, Systemic Ozone treatments and the latest in Autologous Immune enhancement therapies.

Our treatment plans are designed to put the patient in the center of a team of professional partners in the medical fields of Functional Medicine, Internal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, and Clinical Psychology.

Through partnership working with a range of Doctors from different disciplines and the patients themselves, through Functional Medicine we treat the patient, not the condition, resulting in effective, non-invasive treatment.

Functional Medicine: Treating the Patient

At Hospital Angeles Tijuana we believe that in order to successfully treat a condition, physicians first need to understand that there are a combination of factors that resulted in the condition arising; not just one virus, or one genetic mutation.

Every patient with the hepatitis C virus is unique, and every patient presents with different symptoms. Therefore it makes sense to treat each patient individually.

The Angeles Functional Medicine Center has moved beyond the conventional linear view of Hepatitis treatment to an individualized, multifactorial understanding of both the patient and the disease.