Natural Hepatitis C Treatment

Natural Remedies

Natural Hepatitis C Treatment

Because Hepatitis C takes between 10 and 30 years before it seriously damages a person’s health, there are natural measures that can be taken to boost the body’s immune system, strengthen the liver and help to slow down the damage that is caused when the body’s own immune system attacks the virus, damaging the liver.


The most common natural treatment for hepatitis C is milk thistle, which is known to help the liver to heal and repair itself. Milk thistle may also help to reduce the inflammation of the liver that is associated with hepatitis C and protect the liver cells from damage.

Another supplement that can help to protect the liver is glycyrrhizin, a compound derived from licorice root. One study found that people who were administered glycyrrhizin intravenously over a number of years helped to prevent the development of liver cancer.

Evidence shows, however, that both supplements can have side effects, such as bloating, nausea in the case of milk thistle and high blood pressure and heart problems with glycyrrhizin so caution should be taken when considering these natural hepatitis C treatment methods.

Treating the Cause

Most alternative hepatitis C treatments attempt to manage the virus and the impact it has on the body. Functional Medicine is a natural hepatitis C treatment that controls the symptoms of the infection through nutrition and supplementation and aims to rid the body of the virus entirely, removing the need for a lifetime of damage limitation.

Through our 5-step hepatitis C treatment program we target the health of the body and put stress on the hepatitis C virus, weakening the virus at the same time as we strengthen the body’s immune system.

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