Hepatitis C Treatments

Hepatitis C

In the early stages of infection, most hepatitis C patients do not receive treatment, either because the virus remains undiagnosed as it is mistaken for flu, or because treatment is not necessary.

However, if hepatitis C becomes chronic and starts to affect liver function, treatment is necessary.  Conventional hepatitis C treatments are available with varying success, depending on the type of virus contracted. Alternative hepatitis C treatments are also available, again with varying degrees of proven success.

The Functional Medicine approach to Hepatitis C is an alternative Hepatitis C treatment program that supports the body’s immunity and addresses the overall health and wellbeing of the patient, maximizing success rates and restoring the patient’s health without the painful and distressing side effects commonly experienced in conventional treatment.

If treatment of hepatitis C is not successful, the condition may worsen over a period of years and a liver transplant may be necessary. It is, therefore, essential for patients to carefully consider the conventional and alternative hepatitis C treatments available so that they may choose the best possible treatment program before the body is too badly damaged by the virus.

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