Hepatitis C and Your Liver

Hepatitis C is a virus that can result in liver damage. So taking care of your liver is essential if you want to stay as healthy as possible after hepatitis C diagnosis.

Many people don’t know that they have contracted the hepatitis C virus for years. Conventional treatment doesn’t currently offer a cure for hepatitis C. However, there is an alternative hepatitis C treatment program that can cure the disease, helping the immune system to fight the virus and eliminate it from the body, naturally. Diet is an important part of keeping your liver healthy. So how does your liver work, how does hepatitis C affect your liver and what food is good, or bad, for your liver?

How Your Liver Works

Your liver is your largest internal organ and sits above your stomach on the upper right of your abdomen. All of your blood filters through your liver, before travelling to other parts of your body. Your liver removes toxins from your blood, processes food and help to regulate metabolism. Your liver prevents potentially harmful chemicals from being carried elsewhere in the body. Put simply, without your liver, you would be poisoned.

Hepatitis C and Your Liver

Although the hepatitis C virus does not cause direct damage to your liver, when a person is infected with the virus their immune system kicks in and tries to get rid of the infected liver cells. This response can cause scarring, known as cirrhosis and as the immune system works harder to rid the body of more infected cells, the damage to the liver worsens.

A Liver Friendly Diet

Fatty, rich food or foods with lots of additives in them make your liver work harder. This makes it harder for your liver to heal, so that if you do suffer from liver damage, your symptoms will worsen. A diet full of lean meat, fish, artichokes and lots of colourful vegetables can reduce hepatitis C symptoms and help hepatitis C sufferers to enjoy as active a life as possible.

Alternative Hepatitis C Treatment

Functional Medicine is a ground breaking, natural, alternative hepatitis C treatment. Including detoxification, nutrition, supplementation and immune support, the 5 step functional medicine program is tailored to suit the needs of each individual patient during the functional assessment phase. In this phase the team of experts each use their area of expertise work towards finding the best possible treatment plan for their patient.

Combining cutting edge conventional medicine and tried and tested traditional therapies, at Alternative Hepatitis C Treatment Mexico we can beat Hepatitis C.

For more information about our functional medicine program or to find out more about how functional medicine can cure you or a loved one from hepatitis C, contact us today.