Autologous Immune Enhancement

The final stage of our Functional Medicine Program to treat Hepatitis C is Autologous Immune Enhancement.

This is a process where blood is taken from the patient’s body and treated in a way that compromises the strength of the disease cells, in the case of HCV patients, the hepatitis C virus, and boosts the white blood cells, enabling them to fight the target cells.

At Hepatitis C  Treatment Mexico we use Autologous Immune enhancement, taking your own blood and treating it to fight the hepatitis C virus in the following ways:


Hyperthermia means, literally, raised heat. Hyperthermia can be used to fight infection in two ways: firstly, when the body temperature is increased, the lymphocytes’ uptake of oxygen goes up, making them stronger and better able to fight diseased cells. The second element of hyperthermia is that many cells, such as cancer cells and hepatitis C virus cells, cannot survive in high temperatures, whilst our healthy cells remain unharmed.

We raise your core body temperature to between 38 and 48 degrees (usually optimal temperature is around 41.8 – 42.2 degrees). This is done by circulating your blood out of your body, through a machine that increases its temperature, and back into your body again and the core temperature can be raised for anything from thirty minutes to three hours, depending on the patient and the condition. This procedure is repeated as necessary, with the HCV viral load being measured before and after each procedure.

Every time the core body temperature is raised and cooled again, the hepatitis C viral count is reduced, by at least 30% after the first procedure. The aim is to reduce the HCV viral load so that it is undetectable using a branched DNA signal amplification test a month after the final treatment, or reduced to less than the sensitivity level of a reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR, a sensitive test which detects MRNA and measures the viral load for some diseases)) test a month after hyperthermia has been induced at least once.

Bio-Immune Cellular Therapy

Bio-immune cellular therapy is a sophisticated method that allows us to manipulate a patient’s blood, encouraging mass production of cells such as lymphocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, natural killer cells (NK Cell), cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) that can fight disease and infection.

Part of our immune enhancement phase attempts to stimulate the immune system, encouraging it to reject cells infected with the hepatitis C virus. The therapy involves extracting blood from the patient, isolating the lymphocytes from the blood and stimulating production of these cells, before re-injecting them back into the body to attack the hepatitis C virus.

Natural Killer Cells, or NK cells are a type of cytotoxic lymphocyte that is an important part of our natural immune system. A healthy liver contains a high percentage of NK cells, whose job it is to recognize infected cells and provide a first defense against HCV. NK cells are important in fighting viruses such as herpes, HIV and flu viruses. However, a hepatitis C virus protein inhibits the production of NK cells, possibly in an attempt to protect itself from the NK virus.

By injecting larger amounts of the patient’s own NK cells we overcome the inhibiting effect that the HCV has on the production on NK cells and allow them to destroy HCV infected cells.

For more information about how we help to stimulate your own cells to fight infection, contact us for a free consultation.