Five Step Treatment Plan

56529583The Functional Medicine Hepatitis C treatment program at Angeles Health is unique. We team leading specialists from different areas of expertise with you, the patient, to create a tailor-made program designed to optimize your recovery and your future health.

Our Functional Medicine Program has five key elements:

  1. Integrative Assessment during which each specialist involved in your care will assess your condition in order to devise the best possible treatment package for you.
  2. Cellular Nutrition, where we help you to achieve optimal nutrition, making you healthy, your cells healthy and your body more able to fight infection and repair itself.
  3. Detoxification. Whilst this process is started in the nutrition phase of your treatment, we prescribe additional treatments and nutrients to help detoxify your system, improving liver function and physical well-being.
  4. Immune Support and Regulation. Natural nutritive factors provide the body with a defence against disordered immune responses. Rebuilding immunity through healing foods and herbal medicines has been known to eliminate disease and result in a natural restoration of health.
  5. Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy. Once we have given your body what it needs to fight the virus naturally we will undertake procedures and supplements which will weaken the virus, helping your body to eliminate it entirely.

With our five steps we will strengthen your immune system and help your body to function at its very best level. This will not only help you to fight the hepatitis C virus but, with your on-going commitment, will keep you at optimal health for life.

To find out more about how Functional Medicine can help to cure you of the hepatitis C virus, before it causes lasting damage, contact us today.