Causes of Hepatitis C

What Causes Hepatitis C?

Generally hepatitis C is transmitted through exposure to infected blood. This includes:

• Needle sharing amongst illicit drug users (35% of people with HCV contracted it this way)
• Sharing toothbrushes and razors with an infected person
• Having a tattoo or body piercing with equipment that has not been properly sterilized
• Accidental needle pricks from a contaminated needle amongst health care workers
• Blood transfusions before 1992 (since then donated blood is screened for the virus)
• Infants whose mother has HCV
• Sexual intercourse (this is a low risk, with lifetime risk of contracting HCV from a spouse or partner estimated at between 1 and 4% over a lifetime).
• In rare incidences, HCV has been transmitted via surgical instruments that have not been cleaned properly.

Hepatitis C cannot be spread through normal physical contact; it is direct contact and exposure to an HCV-infected person’s blood that presents the risk.

If you think that you may have been exposed to one or more of these risk factors, contact us today to find about being tested for hepatitis C and how our Functional Oncology treatment program can help to cure hepatitis C, naturally.