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Functional Medicine at Mexico’s Largest Private Hospital Network

Angeles Health is Mexico’s largest network of private hospitals. With 22 modern hospitals, more than 1,700 beds, 200 operating theaters and the very latest facilities, our 11 thousand physicians treat around 5 million patients every single year for a wide range of conditions.

The Best Choice for Medical Tourism

An Angeles Health Hospital is the best choice for the Medical Tourist.  Across the Angeles health network we take part in over 100 medical trials every year, continually contributing to advances in medical science and effective treatment to sever conditions, many of which have been previously considered to be untreatable.

US-Based Support

Medical Tourists’ healthcare package is coordinated from our US-based branch, Angeles health International. From Angeles Health International we coordinate treatment for more North American Medical Tourists than any other network of hospitals in the world, offering fluent American or Spanish case workers and full support throughout the process.

The Center of Functional Medicine

At Angeles Health we believe that the Westernized way of living contributes to many health conditions and serious illnesses. Because of the abundance of chemicals and the food preparation and transportation methods routinely used, we believe that we are not getting adequate nutrition from our everyday diet to support our immunity and fight disease. It is even possible that alterations in food that occur during the preparation process could actually cause some mutations and diseases.

Functional Medicine focuses on bringing our bodies back to their very best levels of health, which will help our bodies to fight and heal infection, disease and damage. A unique program is designed for every single patient, with regular tests and adjustments to ensure optimal cell function is restored. The Functional Medicine Program then concentrates on boosting the immune system and providing the body with additional support through supplementation and unique therapies which can fight serious disease, such as Hepatitis C, naturally.

Free Physician Consultation

Our doctors are always happy to talk to patients about their condition and how it could be treated. For your free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today.