Alternative Hepatitis C Treatment
at Mexico’s largest private hospital network

The Functional Medicine Program at Hospital Angeles Tijuana is a natural, effective, non-invasive alternative treatment approach to chronic hepatitis C infection. We help your body to fight the hepatitis C virus naturally, preventing liver failure and keeping you healthy for longer.


World leading
Hepatitis C Treatment

Our treatment plan helps your body to remove the
hepatitis C virus from your system, curing you
of the virus. Learn how we detoxify your body
and boost your immune system, allowing you to
fight hepatitis C, naturally.

Your Doctor

Dr. Ariel Perez

Dr Perez is a functional and integrative physician who specializes in treating chronic illnesses and infection, such as Hepatitis C, using the Functional Medicine Program.

Dr. Perez has led functional medicine programs for several hospitals and is well known world wide for his contribution to the prevention, detection and management of complex chronic disease.


Meet Our Patients

Don’t just take our word for it. Meet our patients from Canada and America and hear about their experiences with the Functional Medicine approach to alternative hepatitis C treatment.

Every patient receives unique, first class treatment, from their first consultation, to their treatment program and beyond. This is what helps to make the Functional Medicine Programs so successful and our patients so happy.